its because im half narwhal.

FINALLY got my shower curtain for the spare bathroom!
[show curtain: urban outfitters]

this is me in narwhal form.
 there are TONS of hilarious narwhal drawings.
my AMAZING brother-in-law draws these
he is super rad & super creative.
looks just like me, right?
{like the page on F/B}

i'll leave you with this cute face.

would YOU want a picture of YOU as a narwhal?


its because i love puppies and unicorns.

1st i have to show you how cute MITCH is.
i was about to do my morning ritual
[checking fb, email, blogs etc.]
and when i opened the computer i saw this cute message.

he is the greatest.
i love him.

so urban outfitters is THE greatest store ever.
80% of everything i own is from there.
well i gave my living/fam room a curtain makeover.
i waited for 5 days to get them..
and when they got here i ALMOST pooped my pants because i was so happy.

this is how the room used to be.
not bad.. but kind of drab.

doesnt it look so good!? im OBSESSED.
i feel like it's so much more homey and cute! 
i love love LOVE them!

What do YOU think?


its because wookiee's really do exist.

we are proud parents.
[the wookiee]

while i was watching the bachelorette
MITCH is sitting right in front of me 
talking like wookiee to sophie.

enjoy the video.


its because i am nostalgic.

some of you know
that me and MITCH had a baby mini piggy named
i MISS her.
so does MITCH.

she was the sweetest piggy around.
the PERFECT pet.

well she died.
she had a prolapsed rectum.
{this is how her cute little butt looked before the prolapsed rectum}

and this is how it looked with the prolapsed rectum.
and warning this is a little graphic.

this is what it looked like when we first saw it.
it was about 9 am on a monday
we called looking for a vet but no one would see a mini pig.
FINALLY we found one 
but he couldnt see her until 3 pm.
ya by then it looked A LOT worse.
it started dying {turning black
she def wasnt her happy cute self 
you could tell she was in so much pain.
well we get there & it was a lot of money for surgery, meds, hospital stays etc.
and after a lot of tears we had to let her go.
{there was a 40% chance she would die because it got so bad. and if she lived, a good chance this would happen again.}

she was the sweetest, most cuddly little piggy.
not to mention the funniest.
here is this video.
makes me laugh every time.

i miss her :)
RIP little oinker.

OH &
here is this beauty.
it runs in the family.


its because they're the 3 best friends that anybody could have.

this week this cute puppy nellie has been staying with us.
she is a mini aussie and the sweetest ever.
she is my parents dog, so according to my mom, she's my little "sister"
they're the 3 best friends that anyone could have.  love.

so. MITCH loves inventing things.
 he always is trying to come up with new & great things.


there has been one that has been pretty sweet..
{the longboard [yes the one he almost died on]}
we went to pei wei tonight
& in his fortune cookie it said this:
hmmpff maybe i should be more supportive.
but truth is, he is very creative & smart and i KNOW this will come true.

 whelp. i'll leave you with this lovely gem.
{no effects were used in this picture. all natural.}


its because sometimes people have fur.

so freaking cute.
they are so cute.
its ridiculous.

ALSO me and my twin made twin shirts for HARRY POTTER tonight!!
woot woot!!
yeah we'd go sleazy for weasley.


Its because all of us need a makeover.

yesterday i went to goodwill & i found this gem.

yes the fabric is hideous.
but it is in excellent condition.
i have repainted the chair already
{darn paint has to dry.}
and i reupholstered the cushion.

here is a sneak peek.
its freaking cute.
and thanks to MITCH & my mom for the help making that cushion.
i'll post the "after" pics when i'm done!
oh and enjoy this PICTURE.
{my sissy captured my awesomeness in my ugly picture taking.}


its because half of us turned to lobsters.

this past week we were in San Clemente.
 it was beyond fun!
MITCH got fried.
he decided to put on the sunscreen by himself and yeah you can tell.

while we were there we went to a park for my nieces & nephew to play at
AND as you know, Cali is pretty hilly and MITCH wanted to longboard.
well he went down a hill and his board {that he made himself} started wobbling like crazy
well he went down again and some dude on his longboard got in the way + MITCH'S longboard was loose so he fell.

he has road rash on his arm and stomach.
needless to say
he told me he was stoked because we was going to have awesome scars.

then we went to disneyland.
it was SUPER hot.
but so so fun.
[yah i almost got in a fight with him because of my ewok shirt]

then we went to the pier & some guy caught a leopard shark
and this happened.

thats me screaming
then this happened.
FYI: he wishes he was a shark.

It was a wonderful week & so happy we got to go.
cali i love you.

ps. so far i have received 5 pictures via text..
 and they were pretty ugly but the greatest thing ever.
 keep sending me more! and i will let you decide who wins!!!
if you dont know what im talking about.. read about it here.