its because i am sort of a hippie.

i got bangs. 
 i love them
when MITCH first saw them,
he said, "hill, you're bangin'!"
{i think that means he likes them}

what do you think?

me and my bfff breann went to creative escape.
we laughed the whole night and had the best time ever!
go to
this awesome blog
to hear about our experience.


its because dogs melt hearts.

{sophia & henry}
heart is melting.
hen begs to be held.
heart is melting x2

so i got a text from one of my very good friends breann.
it said:
"hill, one of the girls at my work told me she read your blog from my mention in one of my posts. She said you're hilarious and she loves you."
well breann's coworker, i love you too.
you're super great! & thank you!!
{p.s. breann is SUPER crafty & cute. you should read her craftlicious blog..}
this is for you co-worker.
heart melted.


its because hair is important.

Hi. My name is Hillary Henslee
 & i do hair.
i have been doing hair since 2006 & i L-O-V-E it.
i work at the BEST salon EVER.
the owner is a dream.
the management is amazing.
the salon is BEAUTIFUL
everyone is so friendly
EVERY single person is so talented. 
{seriously, it's ridiculous how talented everyone is.}
we also use the best products.
{goldwell color, bumble & bumble, moroccan oil}

we also have continued education & always keep up with the latest trends.
we have amazing nail techs, estheticians, & massage therapists. 
i mean, lets be honest, what is there not to love about this place?

you should come check it out yourself.
i would LOVE to do your hair and get to know YOU.
be sure to ask for
{i want to make sure you're with the right person}
phone number is 480-209-1659

for all of you that i have never done your hair before
 you get 15% OFF your first visit.
so COME IN!!
like LUXE SALON AND SPA'S facebook page for other discounts!!

speaking of hair...
this little guy needs a haircut.


its because everyone needs a pet dinosaur.

FINALLY found the missing picture i NEEDED!

{click here to see what it looked like before}

may i point out that MITCH is the sweetest guy ever?
[him making me french toast. yum-my]
yeah his shirt is awe-some.
you haven't had one of these delicious treats in awhile.
so i gave you 3.

does anyone even read my blog?
should i keep it?


its because we have to smile to appear normal.

this past week the henslee's were in town.
MITCH's parents stayed with us 
it was super fun to have them here
they are a HUGE blessing in our lives.
[mitchell, scott, donna, tristan]
i'm thankful for MITCH.
he is my everything.
love you.

i cant get over how cute this little pup is.

oh &
p.s. people keep asking where i got my tights
here is a run down of the outfit.
{shirt: target/ skirtu/o/ tights: u/o/ shoes: target}


its because girls can be polygamists too

if i could be a polygamist
 i would so have the hottest husbands.
[in no particular order.]

George strait
for anyone that really knows me i have been OBSESSED
with george strait since i was about 7 or 8 years old.
not only is his music amazing but he is soo handsome.
before i die {or he does} i HAVE to meet him.

 Michael C. Hall. [dexter]
oh my freaking hottness.

james franco

but even BETTER than having them as my husbands
is having MITCH as my husband.

i love MITCH more than anything

and honestly i am the happiest & luckiest person alive to be married to him.
he is absolutely PERFECT.
and amazingly hott.
i love him more than ever.
i'll ALWAYS pick you.


its because we're all too cute for tuesday.

with my $10 shirt.
nords. you rock my world.
{striped shirt: target [$8]; tribal top: nordstrom [$10]; pants, shoes, necklace: urban outfitters}

also, i suggest these haircuts.
everyone should have a bowllet
{bowl cut/ mullet}