its a love story

i met mitchell through our good friend david.
[which at the time i was crushing hard on david]
david said he had a guy he wanted me to meet.
i asked what his name was
 & david said, "mitchell"
seriously i thought to myself {sick. he sounds like a nerdy loser}
anyway i went over to david's house & mitchell was there.
when i saw him & honestly thought
side note: mitchell knows i thought he was not so cute. 
as the night went on i came to really like mitchell
he was super sweet, HILARIOUS, and very witty.
the only downfall was he already had his mission call & was leaving in 3.5 months
but to my surprise by the end of the night i didn't care & i thought he was sort of cute.
he walked me out to my car & we talked for a little 
and then we kissed.
{i know i'm a hoe. i had only known this kid for like 7 hours}
on the way home i was weirded out how i already had so many feelings for him.
then i realized he didn't ask me for my number.
i was ticked.
the next day i texted david telling him the story and how mitchell didn't ask me for my number...
and obviously david gave mitchell my number because later mitchell texted me telling me he wanted to see me that night.
for those 3.5 months we spent every single day together.
we fell in love.
he left on his mission and we wrote every week for 2 years.
he wrote me an email & a handwritten letter EVERY week.
[if you ask me thats pretty BAD A.]
when he got home from his mission he was really odd.
but i was still so in love with him.
he snapped out of his weirdness & we got married december 5th 2009.
needless to say, it was the best day of my life.
i love mitchell henslee more than anything in this world.