its because we all love to feel warm and fuzzy

i got these sweet shirts for MITCH for 3 dollas!
{love von zipper!}

i got these AMAZING Von Zipper sunglasses for MITCH
for only $50!
{he's fetching cute}

i also got some for $30 and they are AH-MAZING
& super cute.
ya i love them.

ps my niece {sydney} is the cutest thing ever.


its because i think i'll win.

SOOOO melanie told me that her and lexi can make uglier faces than me.
so i hillary henslee,
challenge MELANIE & LEXI to an ugly face contest.
and whoever else wants to do it.
just fyi,
here's just a snippit of what i can do.

oh btw.
you are TOTALLY welcome to use this pic as your new screensaver.
youre welcome.


its all because people cant be as hot as me.

so remember this picture?
of course i didn't leave it like that.

 i know. eye candy
dont judge the rest of the kitchen
{still a work in progress}

OH & remember how i said i could make the ugliest faces?
here is a little taste.
if you can believe it, i have way uglier pictures.

i know its a talent.


its because people should be made of shaved ice.

because its that good.
tonight me and MITCH went to bahama bucks.
our convo was mainly about knees & trying to see how ugly we could make ourselves
{fyi i am the champ. bring on the ugly picture contest. i always win}
but non-the-less we enjoyed partaking our delicious shaved ice treats.

i prefer my strawberry daiquiri virgin & on shaved ice.
bahama bucks you are a gem.


its because of my crafty pantyhose.

its my happy place.
whenever im the least bit moody..
MITCH knows exactly what to say..
"hey hill, goodwill?"
{BIG smile}
i find some rocking stuff here. like this beauty.
my other guilty pleasure is the Antique Marketplace.
i just go there to oooo and ahhhh at all the neat stuff.
usually i dont leave without buying SOMETHING.

how cool is this they even give you a new identity.

ive been there so many times i have had many different identities...
{peter pan, peanuts, peony, tinkerbell, R2D2, cinderella, aurora}
[thats all i can remember]

if you need a happy place i recommend these.
thats all.